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Jeanette’s Autism Show: Jacqui Pillar

December 29, 2018

This is Jeanette's Autism Show - where autistic advocate and author Jeanette Purkis chats with guests doing good things in the autism community.

In this episode, Jeanette interviews Jacqui Pillar: Comedian, Anthropologist; Autistic-ly solving conundrums people don’t know they have!
Her show “Labelled” is a comedic, audio-visual storytelling about growing up Autistic and the politics of neurodiversity. Her serious keynote mental health talk “Normal is a cycle on the washing machine” is about challenging old social norms about recovery from PTSD.  Jacci Pillar is a name synonymous with human narrative and positive mental health messages.  She takes complex issues and turns them into a storytelling journey delivered with energy and warmth.  

Jacqui has a Facebook page:

And is involved in the 'Silently Growing Monsters' campaign mention in the podcast:

Enjoy the podcast 


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