The Yenn Purkis Autism Show

Yenn talks autism, comedy and politics with Jacci Pillar

January 27, 2021

Welcome to this episode of Yenn's Autism show.

Autistic and non-binary advocate and author Yenn Purkis interviews people in the autism, Queer and disability communities about aspects of neurodiversity and other rleevamnt topics.

For this episode Yenn interviews neurodivergent comedian Jacci Pillar. Jacci Pillar (stage name) is proudly autistic, nonbinary and ACE.  They have been an Avionics Technician, then became an anthropologist who would go on to do some variety comedy.  Their passion is to understand the world's evils. Their current PhD project looks at the politics of laughter and examines if political satire has the capacity to change minds and the social status quo.  

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