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Yenn Purkis Autism Show - Karletta Abianac - part two

May 12, 2019
Welcome to the Yenn Purkis Autism Show, a place where autistic and non-binary advocate Yenn Purkis talks about autism with people doing good things.
This episode features the wonderful Karletta Abianac. - again! Karletta kindly offered to be interviewed a second time.  The conversation centres around the recent Autism Cooperative Research Centre participant day and accessing support service, 
Karletta Abianac is a podcaster, writer of memoir and poetry and blogger.
In her free time, Karletta enjoys writing poetry and memoir, practicing Egyptian hieroglyphs and collecting rocks near her home in Brisbane.

Contact Karletta

Twitter: @KarlettaA

Facebook: An Aspie’s Brain


Youtube: KarlettaA

Goodreads: Karletta’s author page


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